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All-in-one parking management solution!

Avoid the hassle of parking management with Advanced Valet Services, LLC. Our exceptional service and caring for others will make you fall in love with us.

#1 provider of parking services for entertainment and retail venues across Southern California

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Managing Your Parking Optimally

Southern California's premium parking services provider, Advanced Valet Services, offers top-notch parking management and other related services for commercial properties, residential parking, service sector, entertainment, and retail venues across the region.


Our Story

Living in one of the most populous cities in California, where drivers cruise around looking for parking for miles, finding the perfect parking spot is a dream that seldom comes true. Feeling the drivers' need, we established this smart parking management system that benefits both drivers and companies. And so Advanced Valet Services, LLC was born.

Our Mission

We are a passionate team of professionals with one clear mission:

"To exceed client and customer expectations by providing unparalleled professional services, fostering employee growth and development in an environment that respects the dignity of our most important asset - our employees."

Services Offered

Whether it is a corporate event or a wedding reception, a high-end restaurant or a commercial building with multiple offices, a boutique, or a medical center, you often need professional parking management services to do away with the everyday parking problems.


Our Advantage

Advanced Valet Services Can Save You!

Good First Impressions

Be it a corporate event or a social gathering, a mall, or a hotel, valet attendants are one of the first people to greet your guests. And so we take special care to groom our valet attendants in greeting your guests with a welcoming smile and congeniality that will make the perfect first impression.

Optimal Logistics

Nobody likes to wait a lifetime for their car to arrive after leaving the venue. Hence, our drivers are trained to optimize operations and divide the workload, so none of your guests has to wait in a queue. Experience quick and easy service.

Free Site Visit

When you trust us for your parking problems, we accommodate your requests and also arrange a free site visit, so you know we understand all potential variables. This will help you understand the operations more clearly and give you an idea about the capacity and revenues.

Happy Clients

Our satisfied clients are a testament to our professional service delivery. We have years of experience providing parking management and other services to some of the busiest hotels, medical centers, residential complexes, restaurants, nightclubs, commercial buildings, and special events.


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Advance Valet Services COVID Response

Here are the steps are we taking to keep our clients and employees safe during COVID.

COVID Response

All Advanced Valet Services employees will wear gloves and masks at all times

Gloves and Masks
keep-distance (1).png

Valet attendants will step back 6 feet after opening vehicle doors.

Safe Distance

Hand sanitizer will be made available at all valet stands for employees and guests to use.

Hand Sanitizer

High-touch areas will be disinfected upon vehicle acceptance and again before returning.

Disinfect and Clean

Self Park options will be made available where possible.

Self Park


Feel free to contact Advanced Valet Services, LLC for all your parking management needs anywhere in Southern California.


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