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Valet Sevices

Valet Services

Offer a premium parking experience with our professional valet services.

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Because Every Little Detail Counts

When it comes to hiring a Valet Service, you need to look for experience and quality. Parking Plus is exceptionally meticulous in offering its specialized valet services. We look to every detail, like perfectly polished key stands, good-looking name tags, and perfectly legible signage.

We Make Every Detail Count

Valet attendants are the all-important first impression of your property, be it a mall, a hotel, or a party. Although appearances may not be everything, a special valet service experience is something people take home with them, and that impacts their opinion of your business.

In addition to giving quality services, our premium valet service features:

  • Fully insured service – because accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. 

  • On-site manager – to deal with any crisis, our managers are well trained and well experienced with proper training to tackle any situation at any time. 

  • Systematic keys and tickets handling – so there are no mix-ups, no delays, and no hassle for your guests. 

  • Experienced drivers – no debutants in our service unless we train them correctly and give them the experience they need. 

  • Background checked friendly staff – all our team is hired through a thorough hiring process that entails detailed background checks and interviews to assess their behavior.

  • Competitive prices - Not only do you receive top-quality valet service with us, but you also get it for a competitive price giving you immense value for your money. 

Call us today or contact us to get a free quote for your valet parking needs in Southern California.

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Shuttle/Black Car Services

Shuttle/Black Car Services

Ride in Comfort and Convenience with Our Shuttle Service/Black Car Services"

Your Trusted Partner for Safe and Reliable Transportation

Welcome to Our Transportation Division, where we specialize in providing top-notch shuttle transportation solutions/Black Car Services that prioritize your comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Whether you're traveling for business, leisure, or any other purpose, our commitment to excellence ensures you reach your destination hassle-free.

Our private chauffeur service is a mix of luxury and convenience with an edge of affordable prices.

"Parking Plus offers the remarkable convenience of a private chauffeur to those who wish to juggle work on the go or make a statement. 


Ready to experience worry-free transportation?

Safety Comes First

Your safety is our top priority. We maintain a rigorous maintenance schedule and employ experienced drivers to ensure a secure journey.


Punctuality Matters:

We understand the value of time. Our commitment to timeliness means you'll never miss a flight or appointment.

Comfort and Cleanliness:

Travel in style and comfort with our modern and well-maintained fleet of vehicles.

Customer-Centric Approach:

We focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Luxurious Experience

Our drivers provide the best-in-class service to let you fully bask in the luxury of a private chauffeur service.

Parking Management

Parking Management

Efficiently manage your parking facilities with our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team.

Parking Plus offers a comprehensive range of parking management services carefully designed to enhance your customer satisfaction and your bottom line. 


Increase your revenue potential with our strategic pricing, yield management, and data-driven insights.

Optimal Parking Solutions

Our experts have a proven record of developing standard policies and programs that yield a highly efficient use of resources. We optimize parking spaces' requirements in a particular situation through extensive research and planning, thereby generating economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Ensure a secure environment with our advanced access control systems and 24/7 surveillance.

Explore our comprehensive parking management solutions below


Management Agreement

Parking Plus charges a fixed payment to manage the parking operations. All associated costs are reimbursed by the property manager or owner. (2).png

Pay by Space

Pay by Space

At Parking Plus, we stay at the forefront of technology. This is why we have implemented Touch-less payments for self-parking locations. Now you can pay quickly and safely without interacting or exchanging cash with a parking attendant.  If you would like to add this technology to your self-parking garage or open lot please contact us.

pay for parking
Reserve Parking Form

Reserve Parking

Private Events

Private Events

Special Events

Streamline event parking logistics and enhance attendee satisfaction with our tailored solutions.

The special events division at Parking Plus specializes in providing your guests with the ultimate parking experience. Whether you are planning a luxurious wedding, a high-profile corporate event, a spring BBQ party at your residence, or a grand opening for your business or retail store, you can trust Parking Plus to assist you with the parking needs of all your guests.

Scalable Solutions

From small events with as few as 20 people to large-scale events with hundreds of guests, our company has the experience to seamlessly manage any type of parking situation.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to give our best and train our valet parking attendants to perfection. Neatly uniformed, well-groomed personnel with a professional attitude make our valet attendant services stand apart.

Premium Service

Our commitment to excellence, high professionalism, and technology application manifest positive results in every Guest Satisfaction Survey. We have a proven record of gaining ultra-high scores on customer satisfaction.

Trained Professionals

We focus on good manners and seamless service, trying our best to provide a five-star parking experience to your guests. We have some of the most experienced and erudite professionals from the hospitality sector on board, training and grooming our attendants, equipping them with the approach to anticipate guests' needs.

Planning your next big event?

Feel free to call us for a free event parking estimate or contact us here to learn more about our special event parking services.

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